Warning! If you aren’t investing in Internet Marketing, you may as well leave the front doors to your home and business wide open – because you’re getting robbed!

 To survive on the battlefield of modern business, you must start wielding online power. Just think of the scale of popular sites such as YouTube and its millions of videos watched every day, and Google with an annual count of searches exceeding one trillion. Can you afford to ignore numbers like those?


However, Internet Marketing is easier said than done. After all, you’ve mastered the ins and outs of your business – not Google’s algorithms for SEO. (Do you even know what SEO stands for? It’s search engine optimization.) Sure, you could train yourself to use the tools needed to craft a persuasive YouTube video, website or social profile, but why spend countless hours trying to find what works for you in your industry while risking your business in the process? Shouldn’t you focus on doing what you do best?


This is why you need Camp Massive. We have assembled a team of certified experts in search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, video production, web development and app development. We stay on the cutting edge of our specialties, ensuring the strategies we implement for you are innovative, affordable and proven.


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“Jamin continues to thrive with his SEO and Marketing skills. He is among the elite when it comes to getting websites ranked in Google. He pays attention to detail with every task he completes that leads to traffic and ROI for his clients.” -Tab Winner


“Jamin and his team are incredibly talented when it comes to Web Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, pretty much you name it and they can get it done for you! They are easy going and great to work with! I highly recommend Jamin and his team.” -Kirtna Charavda

“One incredible family, It’s not every day you find a Smithsonian featured fine Artist/Graphic artist, a Touring Musician, an SEO Expert/Growth Hacker, a U.X. designer and a Social Media Manager, who are talented in one company. Let alone one family.” -Mufasa Dabbagh

Screenshot (52)“Jamin and his team provided great insight and project expertise on a recent Internet marketing client site and we will continue to use Jamin and his companies services moving forward. Thanks again.” -Philip Henry

“Working with Jamin and his team achieved the results we were after and in less time envisioned. Jamin’s technical knowledge solved some key challenges for us and in doing so, accelerated our website results. We only have praise and gratitude for Camp Massive’s leadership and results. If you’re looking for sustainable results, I encourage you to consult with Jamin first.” -Robert McCann

“Working with Jamin has been a great experience. He’s always on top of his game when it comes to SEO and really pays attention to detail, which is one of the factors so important in this industry. If you get a chance to work with Jamin, go for it!” -Goliath Marketing

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