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Thirty years of metal welding meets thirty years of design.The story of Kelly Trailer Transformation Co


The Kelly family have been in the construction and metal fabrication business for well over 30 years. With their construction business, they have built mansions on the shores of Santa Monica CA and businesses in South Central Los Angeles. One thing they love as equally as they do building things with their hands is playing in the dirt…literally. The Kelly’s are our door enthusiast that love dirtbike riding and being one with nature. While on one of their trips they saw a problem, when it comes to instant patio systems there are a lot of downsides. How could they improve on the design and build on the outdoor experience? Thus, Kelly Trailer Transformation Co was born.


How to encompass sturdy design with the playful nature of the outdoor community. Also how to build a platform for e-commerce customers. Oh, and did we mention this had to be done in 3 weeks? Yeah. The team at Kelly Trailer Transformation wanted to unveil their company at the Tierra Del Sol Desert Run which was fast approaching. 

The Plan

With the short time frame, we would construct a Brand ID, Logo, and website within the time frame. This was an unusual time frame for such a large project, but we felt like the team at Kelly Trailer Transformation, and our team at Camp Massive were up to the challenge.

Branding And Voice

Early in our consultations with the Kelly’s one thing became apparent they wanted to incorporate some sort of kelly green in the design. This was something we felt was doable because of the outdoor theme. One of the elements that we were sure we would need was a video to show how the system could be constructed. Since this was a new product on the market, we figured that a video would be paramount to showing potential customers of the ease of which the system could be fully assembled. So we unpacked the drone and headed out to the desert for some shots.


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